Google Adwords Campaign Management Services
With Conversion (Enquiry) Optimisation

“Get Prospects Visiting Your Website
at the Time They Want to Buy and Contact You!”


Driving targeted traffic to a website is not enough.

A conversion or enquiry is the ultimate measure of a successful Pay per Click (PPC) campaign.

If the campaign doesn’t concentrate on conversions (enquiries) it means that your budget is being used to bring traffic to your website. But not to drive potential clients to your business.

That is why our entire system is built with one objective in mind which is to drive more enquiries to your business in a continuous improvement manner.

To achieve this we:
* Research Online Demand for your Offer
– Find How Your Target Market is Searching
* Target the Campaign Creation Around This Demand
– Target People Who are Ready to Buy
* Campaign Management & Testing
– Improve Your Campaign Over Time on a Continuous Basis
* Enhance the Campaigns Over Time
– Incrementally Increasing Number of Enquiries
* Send Monthly Reports Including the Previous Month’s Results
– You can Evaluate Our Performance at a Glance
* Personalised Service
– With 15 Years Experience in Online Marketing!

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