Google Adwords Management Fees

Reducing Your Monthly AdWords Budget, Cancelling Your Campaign Manager Fees and Increasing Your Business Leads

The fees are split into two portions:

1. Google Adwords Budget (payable to Google).

Google Adwords Budget – This portion gets paid directly to Google and is the amount they charge for clicks from their search results to your website. We will guide you in terms of the amount you should pay over to Google, by evaluating the traffic numbers and your objectives. However this amount is left to your discretion.

2. Our Management Fees.

Our Fee is 70% of the Savings We Generate from Your Current Budget – So Essentially We:
1. Save You a Percentage from Your Current Budget – Thereby Reducing Your Monthly AdWords Budget.
2. Save You the Fees You’re Paying to Your Current Service Provider – We Don’t Charge an Extra Fee.
3. Increase the Number of Leads Contacting You – Thereby Getting You More Potential Sales.

For example, lets say your AdWords budget is R12 000 per month.

You are paying R10 000 to Google and R2 000 for your current service provider.

Should you take up our offer, you stop paying the R2 000 to your service provider immediately.

On average, we can reduce your budget usage by 20% and our fees are 70% of the savings.

Deducting the 20% savings from your budget, you are now paying a budget of R8 000.

Our fee is 70% of the R2 000 reduction which equals R1 400.

So in total you pay R8 000 + R1 400 = R9 400.

The total monthly savings is 12 000 – 9 400 = R2 600 or 22% savings.

With an annual savings of R31 200.

Now lets look at the increase in business leads.

Our focus is to getting you more leads for your budget.

Lets say your cost per click is R10 and an average enquiry conversion rate is 5%.

This means that from R10 000, you got 1 000 web visitors at (R10 per click).

Out of the 1 000 visitors 5% enquired which generated 50 enquiries or business leads.

Lets further assume that your profit margin per client is R5 000 and your sales conversion rate is 20%.

You get 10 new clients (50 x 20%) making a gross profit of 50 000.

And deducting your AdWords fees of R12 000, you get a net profit of R38 000.

We know we can increase your conversion rate by at least 30%.

With us, you get a 6.5% enquiry conversion rate (5% X 30% = 1.5%).

Which gives you 65 enquiries or business leads.

Keeping your sales conversion rate at 20%, you get 13 new clients.

Which at R5 000 profit equals R65 000.

Or R15 000 extra in sales or 30% more profit.

Yearly this equates to R180 000.

As you can see, our focus is in reducing costs and maximising returns. At no risk to you since we don’t get paid unless we perform.

The worse that can happen is you save on the fees you pay your current service provider.

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