Internet Usage Statistics

According to Internet World Stats, there are currently two billion people on the Internet. Even a small percentage of this online population constitutes a massive market for any company.

As consumers become increasingly more willing and able to purchase online, the profitability of doing business online grows exponentially.

Businesses worldwide are beginning to realise the huge potential of advertising, branding and marketing online to reach this rapidly growing online market and are shifting their attention, as well as their marketing spend, to this lucrative medium.

The fastest and most effective manner to tap into online markets is through advertising on websites used by the online population. Information retrieval is one of the most used web applications on the Internet and, as such, search engines have become the focus of online advertising spend.

Search engines allow companies to advertise their products and/or services at precisely the moment when people are looking for these products and services using search engines. Because search engines are so interactive, providing unmatched psychographic segmentation of specific searches, companies can advertise their products and services to exactly the right people – those who have indicated that they are looking for that product or service in a particular geographic location by searching for the product or service via a search engine – and at exactly the right time – at the moment they are looking for it online.
Never before have companies been able to target their advertising spend with such precision.

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