The Google Adwords Campaign Management Process

Get Prospects Visiting Your Website at the Time They Want to Buy and Contact You

We understand that your time is valuable and have therefore created a system that is easy to use and where your administration has been kept to a minimum.

1. You Order

You let us know that you would like to receive buyer enquiries.

2. We Send You a Confirmation Email

We send you a confirmation email where we do a needs assessment and get to understand your objectives.

3. We Research & Find Your Market

We research and find your online target market through keyword research.

4. We Start the Campaign

We start the advertising campaigns.

5. First Invoice

Billing takes place in advance. We bill you on the 23rd of each month, ensuring that we get your payment in time for the following month’s campaign.

6. Ongoing

If the campaign has been successful and you decide to continue we send you your second invoice. If not then we stop the campaign and no further billing takes place.

7. Incremental Improvement

On a monthly basis we tweak your campaign improving the number of visitors. Placing a lot more emphasis on those phrases that convert better to enquiries.

8. Reporting

We send you a report with your visitor statistics so you can measure the success of the campaign from a numbers point of view.

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