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A simple definition of website marketing would be the implementation of any of the sum of strategies and process used to make a website more visible, known and accessible by people. The importance of website promotion is quite clear from the definition. If people lack knowledge about your website you clearly would not be able to make maximum profit. The success of any online business stems from its ability to successfully promote its website online and continue to generate and sustain web traffic

It is one thing to generate traffic to a website and yet another to translate such visits into sales. The design of a website should be pleasant or else visitors would be in a hurry to leave. Clear simple arrangement and easy navigational links would increase the functionality of your website. It helps to have useful content on your web pages to keep visitors busy and impressed. These would also make him revisit and might even move him to others. Experience shows that it helps to give something on your website for free. It could be simple free screen-savers or useful e-books but they go a long way as everyone loves a free gift.

Website promotion marketing is not restricted to a few methods. Anything that exposes and allows people to learn or get to know about your website falls within the concepts of web promotion. If you place a sticker with your website’s name on your car, that is still website marketing. Posting In forums, blogs, telling people and even marketing a website offline, are all useful means of advertising your website.

Search engine marketing remains a very powerful way to generate sustainable traffic. To be able to make your website more visible to search engines you would need to submit your web pages to search engine directories. When your articles are submitted to such directories they get checked quickly and indexed regularly. Try to submit your web pages with relevant popular search engines.

Search engine marketing involves trying to increase the ranking of your website with search engines. Higher rankings will put your website among top websites displayed as results of an undertaken search. The higher your website gets displayed the more likely that you would get noticed, clicked and visited by a search engine user. To be able to achieve this however, you need to be conversant with useful search engine marketing skills. You need to be able to identify relevant key words and learn how to optimize these within your website. Since search engine spiders seek these key words during a search you want to place them systematically within your website using various possible alterations of the key word phrases.

The topic, the H1 tags, alt tags and the Meta tags all deserve attention too. These are areas that get visited by spiders first and they count greatly towards the ranking of your website. This tags should contain a relevant key word to make the website attractable to search engines. Care should be taken however not to concentrate on making the website search engine friendly and then forget that these websites are mainly designed for people. Do not allow the quest for SEO optimization to destroy or reduce the usefulness and quality of your website.

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